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Celliance Hydna Telomere Botulinum Ampoule

Co-development and research with Humedic, "Spread type Botox" Botulinum Peptide


- Wrinkle improvement. Peptide and adenosine helps improve wrinkles

- Skin regeneration. PDRN helps skin regeneration for healthy skin and slows down aging

- Anti-aging. Gold peptide made by coating Botulinum helps with anti-aging

- Skin antioxidant - Patented ingredients help shield skin from harmful components

- Homecare system. Premium homecare system to enjoy treatment previously only available in a clinic.

Celliance contains "Botulinum peptide". Safe to use. refreshing toning effect. 

How to use:
1. Smooth your skin texture and open the ampoule's plastic cap
2. Insert syringe into the + mark on the ampoule rubber cover and hold the bottle upside down to draw it. 
3. Apply a moderate amount of Botulinum ampoule on the face and neck and dab to absorb. 

How does it work?

Celliance + Entob nanobubble DDS technology

Entob's technology uses nanobubbles and an ultrasound contrast method to maximize absorption into the body. It is a next generation drug delivery system. Celliance signed an MOU with Entob combine Botulinum and nanobubble skin penetration technology to maximize skin penetration levels in terms of safety and efficacy. 

Manufacturer: South Korea

Storage Conditions: 
Room temperature. Don't heat or freeze. 
Keep away from direct sunlight.