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Main advantages:
Experts consider Liztox to be an ideal alternative to Botox. Listed below are the main advantages: 
1. It is safe and has minimal side effects
2. It starts acting in just a few hours after the injection. The resulting effect is visible following 3-7 days. 
3. It is a complete analogue to Botox, and is cheaper. 

Purpose of product usage:
The product is used for denervation of mimic face muscles. 

Administration Preparations:
Preparations for administration of 200 units of LIZTOX are as follows.
1. Take this medicine out of the refrigerator.
2. Before using this medicine, visually inspect if there are any problems. This drug is a colorless and
transparent vial with white freeze-dried powder.
3. Put an appropriate amount of saline (0.9% sodium chloride) in a suitable size syringe and slowly put it into
the vial of this medicine. Dilute to 200 U/4 mL (5 U/0.1 mL). Check the concentration according to the
following table.
Added Diluent
(0.9% sodium chloride injection)
Resulted Concentration:
Dilution is calculated based on 0.1mL of the parenteral dose. In addition, increasing and decreasing the dose
of this drug is possible by increasing and decreasing parenteral dose as follows.

4. This medicine should not be mixed with any other medicine other than saline. Slowly add menstrual saline used as a diluents because it denatures when bubbles or intense stir occur If the diluents does not get into the vial, dispose of the vial immediately without using it.
5. This drug should be administered to the patient within 24 hours of dissolution. If not administered
immediately to the patient, refrigerate in the temperature of 2 to 8°C. Even if refrigerated (2 to 8°C), it must used as a diluent because it denatures when bubbles or intense stir occur. If the diluent does not get into the administered to the patient within 24 hours. Therefore, record the date and time of dissolution on the label. This drug should be colorless, transparent, and not show any specials substances after dissolution. If discolored or foreign substances are identifies, dispose of them immediately without using them. 
6. this medicine does not contain preservatives. It is not recommended to use one vial on more than one patient, and the remaining medications should be disposed of after use. 
7. Each botulinum toxin medication may contain different levels of toxin content, so the unit of one product cannot be converted to the unit of another product. 

Administration methods of the 200 units of LIZTOX are as follows:
Using a 30-gauge needle, inject 0.1mL of this medicine into two areas of each corrugator muscle and one area of the procedure muscle (in a total of five areas), and inject a total of 25 U. For detailed administration methods, please refer to the dosage regimen in the attached document. Any vials of this drug that have passed its expiration date, or any supplies that have come into direct contact with it, should be disposed of as medical waste. If you need to deactivate the toxin (e.g. spillage), use diluted hypochlorite (0.5 or 1%) before disposing as medical waste.

Volume :200 units 

Manufacturer : South Korea 

The ingredients of 200 units of LIZTOX are as follows:
The main ingredient is clostridium botulinum toxin A. 
It contains 200 units of clostridium botulinum toxin A per vial. 
Other ingredients are human albumin and sodium chloride. 

The appearance and packing contents of 200 units of LIZTOX are as follows: 
This drug is provided in a colorless, transparent vial with white freeze-dried powder. 
This medicine is a clear and transparent solution when dissolved in saline solution. 
Available in one vial packaging in 200 units. 
This medicine is in a glass vial. Each box contains one vial. 

Storage Conditions:

Since 200 units of LIZTOX, a prescription-based drug, are managed and administered by medical professionals, it is unlikely that you will keep 200 units of LIZTOX directly. However, 200 units of LIZTOX should be kept in conditions below, and for your knowledge, the following information is provided. Keep this medicine out of reach of the child sight. Do not use this medicine after the date specified in the expiration date indicated on the external box and the vial label. Store vials in a refrigerator of 2 to 8°C until used. Use sterile physiological saline without preservative to dissolve this freeze-dried drug. If the diluent cannot be put into the vial in a vacuum, the vial must be discarded. Use the dissolved medicine immediately. If not used immediately, the user is responsible for the time and conditions of storing the solution during use and generally should not exceed 2 to 8°C for more than 24 hours. Do not freeze the dissolved medicine. 

! Please note that our products are meant to be administered by medical professionals.  We are not responsible for any negative inflictions that may arise after administering products by non-professionals. We will not compensate for the product that have been misused or wasted. 


When ordering toxins please bear in mind that Botulinum toxins are temperature sensitive and may lose efficiency when exposed to extreme temperatures (Above 30 C/ 86F) for prolonged periods of time. All of our toxins are shipped with ice packs which, even when melted help keep them in optimal condition during transit and prevent from overheat. Study shows that toxins do not lose efficiency in room temperature for about a week. Please note that toxins are not eligible for returns nor refund. 

Toxin does not work the same on every client. It depends on lifestyle, metabolism, antibodies etc. It is recommended to find the toxin that works the best by experimenting. If this toxin does not work for the client it does not mean it is a bad batch. We do not exchange refund or accept returns for Botulinum toxins.

Suggested use

Put an appropriate amount of saline (0.9% sodium chloride)


+ Gift: 2 insulin syringe * 1 ml + 1 Saline * 20 ml

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